Section 333 & Consulting

SkyGen Aviation is a full service consulting firm. We will work with you to develop solutions which will establish as a legal commercial entity, understand equipment requirements and trade-offs (both hardware and software), and much more.

SkyGen Aviation in partnership with John McGraw (Deputy Director of FAA Flight Standards, Retired) were authors of the first seven Section 333 Exemptions granted. We pride ourselves on the level of detail provided in our exemption requests and flight manuls.  SkyGen will provide you with all of the documentation needed to obtain your Section 333 Exemption from the FAA and begin your commercial operation.  We believe in the establishment of long term working relationships and are willing to discuss aircraft selection, special use cases, and more.  Your Section 333 Exemption will also be filed confidentially so your competitors cannot see your aircraft or your operating procedures.  Your business, stays your business.

Our Section 333 Exemption package includes:

  • Section 333 Exemption Request Letter
  • Commercial Flight Operations Manual
  • Aircraft Flight Manual(s)
  • Secure, Confidential Filing
  • Maintenance Program
  • Safety Risk Managemetn Program
  • Mission Plan Documents

Additional packages include:

  • Movie Production & TV Operations manual for companies needing the ability to film in close proximity of people
  • Tethering Manual
  • Special Use Cases