Precision Agriculture

We have all read how integrating drones in precision agriculture will save farmers time an money by allowing farmers to improve their yields, apply fertilizer, water and chemicals only to areas needed, monitor crop health, reduce costs associated with manned aircraft and reduce the time needed to collect data not only on a sample of a crop, but on the entire field. The question really isn’t are there benefits to using drones in agriculture, but how best to integrate drones into your operations. At SkyGen Aviation we use a mix of technologies and data analyses to provide the solutions farmers need today.

Agriculture needs are driven by crop types, environmental conditions, topography and more.  SkyGen Aviation platforms adapt to these variables to meet the needs of our clients. Our systems include Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), multispectral cameras, Infrared/Thermal cameras, and Hi-resolution images which are accurate up to 1cm per pixel. All together we can provide a full and complete review of your fields.

  • NDVI, SAVI, ENDVI and other index analyses of your fields
  • Hi-Resolution Mapping
  • Crop analysis including health, ripeness, height, disease and more
  • Complete data analytics
  • Drainage inspections/imagery 
  • Structure inspections
  • Utilize true multispectral cameras, not modified images