Exploration, Oil & Gas

Working in the mining, oil and gas industries requires incredible attention to worker safety. Using drone/UAV technology to collect spatial information and conduct inspections of key equipment can significantly reduce the risk to employees working on the site.

Aerial data collection can improve overall operation productivity by reducing the need to stop operations to conduct surveys or inspect equipment, while at the same time providing higher resolution images and more accurate data then terrestrial based systems and in less time then traditional surveying and inspection processes.

In accident situations, drones can be used to measure and quantify oil spills, determine how the oil is moving in water and provide information and imagery to the command center. 

Infrared (IR) imaging can be extremely helpful to survey oil spills making it easier to see where the oil is spreading. This critical information increases the situational awareness of first responders to the incident, increasing safety and the ability to make better decisions in the clean-up planning efforts. 

Short Term Planning Mineral Exploration
  • Pit & dump managment
  • Communication of daily/weekly mining plans
  • Haul route surface optimization
  • Storm damage assessment & control
  • Resource calculation
  • Geophysical & watershed/catchment area modeling
  • Supporting photography 
 Long Term Planning  Heritage & Environmental Management 
  • Surface stability monitoring 
  • Haul road, dump and pit design
  • Control for mining in void areas
  • Mapping of steep inaccessible inclines
  • Geotechnical
  • Joint mapping 
  • Erosion Detection 
  • Vegetation change tracking
  • Game counting
  • Inundation tracking
  • Slurry pipeline stability & leakage detection
  • Surrounding community mapping
 Drill & Blast  Community
  • Up-to-date surfaces for optimized blast designs
  • Identification of misfires & wall damage
  • Pre & post blast data<
  • Community relations/marketing
  • Impact reporting
  • Imagery
 Geology  Inspection & Maintenance 
  • Stock pile management 
  • Grade control & exploration planning
  • Thermal & Video conveyor belt inpsection 
  • Leach pad, dam wall & platform contruction quality control
  • Drainage and water management
  • Watershed, drainage basin & water flow mapping