DJI S1000 Heavy Lift

The work horse of our fleet are our DJI S1000 drones.  These incredible drones were designed for high level professional aerial photography and data collection.  Each drone is fitted with a Gremsy gimbal. The gimbal is mounted low on the frame on a specially designed bracket. When combined with our retractable landing gear, it offers a clear and wide shooting angle. This incredible combination of drone and gimbal provides the ability to adapt to our client needs. Because of the S1000 can carry a larger payload we are able to mount certain combinations of our cameras together. Thus we can capture, for example, both 4K video and thermal imaging data simultaneously.


DJI Phantom 3 Utility

While these are the most frequently seen drones, don’t underestimate their capability.  While not able to carry some of our larger camera equipment, these drones still take amazing 4K video, are super easy to fly and transport.


There is a common misunderstanding that UAV/Drone operations are about the UAV/Drone itself. They are not. The purpose of the UAV/Drone is to carry the vital payload to perform the requested task. To this end, SkyGen has amassed diverse capabilities through the acquisition of cameras to serve every operational need. The following capabilities are available to you through our diverse camera collection:

LiDAR: The ultimate in survey technology allowing data capture of up to 110 3-dimensional data points per square meter as opposed to approximately 4 data points per square meter with manned aviation.

MultiSpectral: Understand the health of your crops, plants, and agriculture fields with this true multispectral camera. Other cameras use a modified method of plant health assessment. SkyGen’s true multispectral camera has independent channels for Red, Green, Blue, Near-Infrared, and Infrared. This allows accurate assessment of and reportability for your business through NDVI, SAVI, ENDVI, and other vegetation indices.

High-Resolution: Obtain high resolution images of your area of interest. With resolutions as fine as 1cm/pixel, you will be able to obtain area maps with unprecedented accuracy. Further, from these images, 3D maps may also be obtained. High resolution images are useful not only for immediate tactical projects but long term strategic monitoring.

FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed): FLIR cameras have evolved from military uses into every day usage allowing you to analyze your area of interest for hot spots, insulation of a home or business, search and rescue operation, law enforcement, etc. Being able to see, video, and image in the Infrared opens a whole new perspective on your project.



SkyGen provides a host of state of the art software solutions providing you the best in reporting, analysis, historical pattern tracking, and monitoring. What is most important to understand and feel comfortable with, is ALL SkyGen software analysis and reporting is CONFIDENTIAL. Your data is NOT shared. Your data is acquired, processed, and finalized on our own internal servers in order to maintain the greatest level of security for you and your information. After the project is completed, an archive may be kept on our servers, or yours. Seek SkyGen’s software solutions for some of the following applications: 3D Modeling, Orthorectified images, Volumetrics, Real Estate, Virtual tours, Photogrammetry, High-resolution imagery, and much more.


SkyGen pilots are hand selected, individually qualified, and personally trained. Flying UAVs is an aviation activity. Therefore, SkyGen pilots must have an aviation background and bring those skills forward to our UAV activities. Our current list of pilots ranges from Airline Transport Pilots with thousands of hours of experience flying heavy jet aircraft to UAVs, to Private Pilots with years of experience in both manned and unmanned aviation. Before being released to revenue operations, each selected pilot must pass a rigorous flight test in Manual mode. Most any one can fly with GPS aide, but in the event of GPS failure or fly-away, the pilot must be well versed in Manual Mode operations.

Lastly, all SkyGen pilots are insured for both hull and liability damage. You can be rest assured that your project will be well served with SkyGen.